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Just up graded to Bit Torrent 6.4 and it keeps crashing


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I have just up graded to Bit Torrent 6.4 build 18095 and it keeps crashing every half and hour or so. I've never had this problem with Bit Torrent before. The programme freezes and I can't show Bit Torrent when I have it minimized, the only way I can get access to it is from the menu area and click on Bit Torrent and that then gives me a message informing me that Bit Torrent is already running but not responding. The only way I can stop the non responsive program is to log off. I have tried windows task manager but Bit Torrent doesn't show up in there. Is this a general problem with the new version? Help appreciated. I'm running windows XP sp3. I've noticed a red circle with a white exclaimaition mark in it saying I need to open up a port so more users can connect to me. I recently upgraded my anti virus and now Bit torrrent is informing me that a firewall/router is limiting connections. Is this anything to do with the crashing?

This is the message when I click the red circle with the white exclaimation mark inside: A Firewall/router is limiting your network traffic you need to open up a port so others can connect to you.


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