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Vote for www.utorrent.com


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Go here, vote, show your appreciation for ignorantcow's hard work.


Register at http://www.silktide.com/tools/sitescore/register - it takes all of 20 seconds and autologs u in.

We gotta get this site safely in the top 10, ignorantcow has done his bit by making a brilliant website for us, now we gotta do our bit by voting for it. Plus getting it in the top 10 may possibly attract more traffic here depending on how popular silktide is. But it certainly can't hurt our chances of getting more users. Right now we are in the top 10, but to be safely in the top 10 the sites score has to increase to 9.7. Easiest way to do this is to get a few good votes in.

To make sure your vote is counted, please quickly register, then go to http://www.silktide.com/tools/sitescore/rate-a-site?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.utorrent.com, browse the site a little, then cast your vote. Then try to vote again, if it doesnt say that u have already voted, then your vote didnt count.

Honest opinions are welcome, so are 10/10's :)

EDIT: top 10 list - http://www.silktide.com/tools/sitescore/

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