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RSS feeds gone wrong - a Zillion files!


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I've been using uTorrent for a few years now, and I love, but when combined with EZRSS it makes my life blissful and eradicates the need for a TV set.

However I am having this issue, whenever I install uTorrent and start adding the RSS feeds of my favorite shows, it will work GREAT for a few weeks, but then after a while suddenly it'll start downloading EVERYTHING in the feeds.

So for example, I have "THE DAILY SHOW" as an RSS Feed, and every day it'll download 1 new episode, but then suddenly I got 100 episodes (even stuff I've already downloaded in the past).

Is there a way to prevent this? A way to tell it to only download updates from the last 10 days or not download more than 3 files per RSS feed at once?

Is the problem with EZTV?? Or with uTorrent?

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