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downloading and uploading speed proplems


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Hi exelent work with the specs for help

1. when the is no seeders can the download file finish?and what ratio i must have for that file?

2.i have to cover 1terrabyte in uploading and my upload is only 512kbits if i change my upload speed to maximum will i cover that terrabyte faster without downloading?

3.before with the 1.8.5 u torrent i had uplading speed not 47k but 85k with this 2.0 u torrent the uploading speed drop why?

4.its unfair for the users like us when we download one file we have to wait more time to upload it me i have 3mb/s download speed and upload 512kbits so i need 1 year to cover the ratio,is there any way to make faster uploading ,of course i stop downloading.

pls e-mail me with y helpfull unsers,thanks.

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1.So long as availability stays at or above 1, you should be able to finish the torrent. Sadly, that usually doesn't happen without seed/s.

2.You upload faster+more with a set limit slightly below max. You can also use uTorrent's scheduler to put it in seed only mode.

3.512 kbit/sec is only 64 KiloBYTES/second theoretical max. Maybe your ISP was gicing more than they claimed before...and finally "fixed" that?

Did you try disabling DHT, Resolve IPs, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Bandwidth Management?

4.covered in 2 and 3...

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thanks for y inportant unser but i like to know more details

1.so from the list of the Conservative Settings Chart (Alternate Speed Guide for uTorrent),mine is

512 kbit/sec ║ 47│ 4║ 40│ 100║ 4│ 3║

so if i only upload what i have to change in the opions and the uploading speed can y write to me so i get maximum uplading and i do not download

2.so the file canot finish even if there are peers can they help ?and even if i have good ratio for that file?

thanks for y time to help eurybody it is inportant to work with utorrent 2.0 program ,i also like to know is there any chance for the people who make this program to add dark colours for background becouse white makes my eyes tired ,for example dark brown,lilac,green,red,black or more.

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On VERY large torrents, it's quite possible for many peers together to have all the parts even after a seed leaves. On small torrents, it's not nearly as likely...as the peers would quickly become seeds themselves or leave in disgust.

If you're only seeding, you don't need to connect to 40 peers per torrent...since you only upload to 4 peers at a time per torrent (4 upload slots per torrent), you can reduce max connections to only 6-10. (Only need a couple extras if some are slow.)

Try raising upload speed max till it "breaks" -- you may be able to upload steadily as high as ~60 KB/sec if nothing else is going on and you have 3-20 total connected peers.

Set max active torrents to 5 and reduce downloading torrents at once to only 1 or 2 under Queueing. You're probably raising upload speed max a little so each torrent can get 10 KB/sec.

Even try setting the alternate upload speed while not downloading (seeding only) a bit higher...maybe 1-5 KB/sec higher than regular upload speed max.

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