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Dear Administration,

Today (due to my inattentiveness, sorry to say), I've requested a feature, that has already been made. So, Mr. DreadWingKnight's done right by moving my thread into the Trash. I was very disappointed by that, because I've lurked over FAQ and Search and haven't found anything appropriate for me.

So, my thread in Trash, I still have a question... And I'm trying to PM DreadWingKnight to clear the situation, because I didn't properly understand his answer to my problem, and what do I find??? I've found nothing to do to communicate to my companion but to push "Report" as the last way to do it.

Of course, DreadWingKnight answered me after that. But what do we have? I bothered the whole administration with my dumbness. I can live with that, being noob in someone else's eyes isn't that hard for me, but this situation spent some time of people, who generally should do their job, not messing about noobs. But the most unpleasant thing for me about it is that I may have offended a man, who tried to help me.

Btw, DreadWingKnight, I beg a pardon that I "reported" of you and may have offended you, such a patient and kind-hearted man, who didn't take displeasure after that and helped me. And I also thank you for your help.

So, may be after such a soulful story, would Administration be so kind to allow Personal Messaging on this honored and trustful forum, please? At least for the personnel.

Thank you.

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