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Major speed issues, Netgear wndr3700 vs Linksys wrt54gs v.6 , SLOOOOOW


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Names jacob, and i'm out here in mass, USA

- my service ISP is comcast

I just decided to make the jump from wireless G home networking to wireless N

- The Netgear wndr3700 is reviewed as the best or near the very top. After researching i decided to pull the trigger. Cost me 160.00$ at staples

Here is the speed reference SITUATION. == 700mb movie, 20seeder 50 leechers

My previous router was a linksys wrt54gs v.6, and it would download these movie files all day @ around 300-400kbps with 20S's & 50L's

I got my new network setup with the netgear wndr3700 and then i properly forwarded ports and the green icon appeared in the torrent client. Things look good and should be functioning properly right? Those same files of 700mb download at averages of 70-80mbps and spike to 120 SOMETIMES on my new netgear. Definate issues here for sure.

Trouble shooting> I decided to hook up my 7 year old linksys wrt54gs and see what was going on> forwarded the ports> My speed were instantly back to the 300-400mbps.

Disassembled network> ReAssembled the new netgear router> forwarded ports> SAME SHITTY DL SPEEDS AGAIN.

Called netgear about 6 times so far. After the first call their rep was telling me to change the wireless channels...lol... i said "dude, i already told you i am hard wired into the router's ethernet with cat6" ... lol... he still wanted to play with wireless channels ... so i humored him and wasted 30 minutes. NO change lol. He says 'for me to return the router to staples and get a replacement'. I love dumb comments like that. As soon as i port forward correctly the green skittle/checkmark appears like the linksys.... I believe the router is fine and netgear support is dumb as "F"

We are talking a 7 yearold outdated linksys router, VS, a new technology & argueably the best mainstream router netgear wndr3700. .. ... What the "F". I have come to the conclusion i have more expertise than the netgear customer support. :headbang: .... this router is connecting to the internet perfectly and pretty speedy. It is just these torrents. Configuring problems is all i'm sure. Signal is great.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

I'm sure there is some option in the advanced tab that is the key or something.

Let me know guys,


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the spi firewall is off .

Still got these problems, i'm about to take the netgear wndr3700 back to staples.

I refuse to accept that a 7 year old linksys can out perform the new netgear wndr3700 - which is supposed to be the best home mainstream router available at the moment...

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