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additional bt.trasp_disposition


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For my provider the best speed is in bt.trasp_disposition=4 (TCP-IN only), but if it is enabled at application start, no one cannot connect to me. May be they do not know about me.

Trackers are connected.

If bt.trasp_disposition=15, and I getting know many seeders, they got know about me, and after 10 minutes change bt.trasp_disposition to 4, they connected to me and speed is high.

Suggestion: add additional flag to downloading/uploading and for bittorent talking.

Second: some trackers is better to use different bt.trasp_disposition - with uTP, some not.

I want to select trackers and set the best bt.trasp_disposition from my point of view not to all application, but for tracker.

I use 2.1 last version.

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