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utorrent crashes cant find the cause


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Hi I am having a slight problem with utorrent on my system. To give you a brief rundown I installed windows 7 about a month ago had loads of issues (Lots of BSOD's related to AVG and driver issues) so reinstalled my OS. It was working ok on the last version of utorrent which i hadn't updated on my old system before the reinstall.

I am currently running:

windows 7 enterprise N edition (x64)

ESET Nod 32 antivirus 4

windows firewall

utorrent 2.0 (build 18488)

I have reinstalled now with the new version and it seems to work fine but if I choose to go to preferences/directories and try to click on the browse to a location button for either torrent files or downloads utorrent just crashes.

I have tried adding utorrent to antivirus exceptions as I understand nod32 has a few issues with utorrent (not 100% if thats just the smart security with the firewall which i dont have) this did not help any ideas what is causing this issue? Is it nod 32? or something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated if you need any more info as well just let me know.

Cheers :D

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