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Missing the file name when started a torrent


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When I double clicked the torrent file I just downloaded, uTorrent was normally started but, the new item on the torrent list didn't have a name. Although, the new item starts downloading from seeders and then reserved hdd space equal to its file size (about 4.4GB).

Then, I right click on the item > Show in Finder but nothing happen, the Finder doesn't show up. So, I've stopped it and try to remove it with its file to gain back my hdd space by right click on it > Remove All Files. Unfortunately, it is removed from the torrent list but I've still lost hdd space.

Can you help me to remove the downloaded file from my hdd. I don't know where it is. My other torrents work fine. Basically, I usually save downloaded file to Users/me/downloads/ and I can see this information in General tab > File:


File: Users/me/donwloads/somefile

and the torrent that causes the problem just appears


Please give me a suggestion or a solution to delete the file. I use uTorrnet for Mac 0.9.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.2.

Thank you

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