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How to secure a VPN/tell if there are leaks when using uTorrent?


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So, I recently subscribed to a VPN that anonymizes all web traffic and, regarding torrent leaching and seeding, how can I tell if my true IP address is leaking torrent activity?

I've done a lot of searches and looked all over a bunch of forums, and I've learned a lot, but haven't found any comprehensive and clear cut answers to this question, so any help would be appreciated!

In addition to my general question above, here are some specific questions I have:

2. I'm using regular ol' uTorrent 2.0--do I need to disable UPnP and NAT-PMP port mapping in its settings? 2b. Do I also need to disable DHT (network and for new torrents)? 2c. Additionally, do I need to disable Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange? 2d. Anything other settings with uTorrent or my firewall or Windows, etc. that I need to change? 2e. And, if I just disable "UPnP port mapping" on uTorrent is that sufficient, or do I need to disable it on my router, too? 2f. Do I still need to disable all these things, even though my VPN anonymizes all web traffic?

3. What program or service can I use to easily and reliably monitor whether or not I am leaking my real IP address (that includes some alert or logging/history feature)? 3b. And how do I use the program/service and where and what do I look for in the program/service to tell if my real IP address is leaking?

4. Right now, in case my VPN drops unexpectedly, I have Windows Firewall blocking uTorrent on my local internet connection (i.e. my real IP address), but, when I disconnect my VPN (to test the settings), I think my real IP address still leaks. At least, this shows up under uTorrent in Netlimiter and it shows upload amounts for awhile before stopping:

Outgoing connection to remote host and remote port 37026

Node Properties

Protocol: Udp

User: Ben


Local Address:

Local Zone: local


Remote Address:

Remote Zone: internet

P.S. I'm not compromising myself to an attack by posting this IP information, am I? Let me know if I should "xxx" out any info, please!

EDIT: 5. I also have a lot of allowed traffic on PeerBlocker, like:

Source: to destination: (UDP)


Source: to destination: (UDP)

What is this? Is this something I should be worried about?

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