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uTorrent (and all other P2P) fails to begin downloading.


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Computer Specs


Windows Vista Home Edition 32 Bit




Norton Security Suite


Comcast Modem by Scientific Atlanta

Wireless Card:

Dynex Enhanced G Desktop Card


Buffalo Airstation WHR-HP-G54

Phone Adapter:

LinkSys Phone Adapter with Router


I'm having trouble with downloading torrents. In the past, I've used software such as uTorrent, Bittorrent, Vuze etc., but the speed was abysmal. It would never go any higher than 50 kilobytes/sec and that was on a good day. I constantly have this error that says my port is not open. Now the problem has gotten even worse. My torrents won't even begin downloading. It stays a 0%, 0 kbs, 0 seeds, 0 everything.

I have a strong suspicion that my phone adapter maybe the culprit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What I've Tried

Turning off Norton Security.

Turning off Firewall.

Using suggested ports 6881-6889.

Forwarding my router and ports.

Setting up Static IP.

Throwing my keyboard at the monitor.

Throwing my body at the monitor.

Repairing aforementioned monitor.

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Turning off Norton doesn't remove its hooks. You must either redo the configuration properly, or better yet, see my signature.

Using the ports you gave ISN'T recommended, we give an anti-recommendation for those (aka advising against it).

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I've followed the link in your signature and dismantled Norton. What do you mean by advising against those ports?


I'm sorry, which posts are you talking about?

I've killed Norton with fire, and now there's progress on my torrent, but it's only a trickle.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Less than 2 hours, I'm impressed.

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