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Soooo.....what are we supposed to do about having TINY fonts in Utorrent? I've been reading through the older threads regarding the font sizes and that they are 'compliant' to the user's windows settings, but I have my [windows] fonts set to extra large and utorrent IGNORES it...they're still tiny as *@#( and hard to read. What gives?

I respect this program and the coders, but c'mon....9 windows programs out of 10 allow you to change the font and/or font sizes in the GUI....utorrent falls in that 1/10 category...

I've been using utorrent forever, but if I have to squint to see wtf is going on, I'll definitely move on to another program. Downloading stuff is definitely not worth getting headaches over because of eye strain.

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I just changed the font size of my Windows 7 to a smaller size than standard, and now the font in uTorrent is totally screwed up. It's changed to a really ugly font with quite large letters.

(I followed the instructions at http://superuser.com/questions/89628/windows-7-display-date-using-small-icons). Since I wanted to set my DPI settings below 96 (100%), I changed the setting in the registry HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Fonts to 86 decimal.

The computer looks really good, except uTorrent...

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