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Scheduler stopped working


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I was using µTorrent 1.8.1 as an exe on my desktop. I have just attempted to set the scheduler to begin downloading in my off peak period, and it has stopped working.

Thinking this would be a good time to update to version 2.0 I did just that. This time I installed it to a removable drive so it would be invisible to the sort of scans that some computer help forums, who disapprove of p2p, are wont to use. Safer Networking insisted I uninstall p2p software or they would withdraw assistance.

It installed perfectly, picked up all my settings, and torrents, and share ratio. Unfortunately the scheduler still does not work.

As I don't like staying up till 2 am I would appreciate any advice on how to get the scheduler to work as it always has. =(

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None of the torrents in question were forced.

None of the settings had changed, in the 24 hours between when the scheduler worked and when it stopped working. These settings have been in place since December, so what changed?

I am also getting µTorrent 1.8.1 continuing to pop up, what is that little "house cleaning/completely uninstall" utility? I thought I had saved it but it appears not.

Will check out the links when I have more time, off to work shortly.

Okay, back from work and I have checked out the links. I don't believe anything there really applies to this matter. As I said in my first post everything was fine one day, and the next day I set the scheduler in the same way as I had the previous evening, but it does not work.

Installation of version 2.0 picked up all my settings from the exe version of 1.8.1

I have checked settings, they are all the same settings that had been working since I set the client up for the faster connection. I cannot tell you the exact date, but more than a year.

I used speedtest.net as it gives a better reading for my area, one that is reflected in the download speeds that I actually see.

I also tested the Open Office torrent and that downloads quite quickly, which I think suggests no firewall, or ISP blocking issues (I am running encrypted), and I am not actually having any problems downloading except not being able to use the scheduler to start downloads in off peak periods.

The network light is green.

I don't know what else to post at this stage.

If you want a HJT log, let me know and I will post one.

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