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Zero download speed


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Help! After a week of endless problems with COMODO on my Win XP SP3 box, I bit the bullet and replaced COMODO. After plenty of frustrations with various firewalls, I am now running Agnitum's Outpost Free. COMODO's better (when it works) but this will have to do until COMODO fix their bugs. Trouble is that I am not getting any down speed. Up speed is max'ed out and good. But zippo down.

Here's my current setup:

Manual port forwarding in router. (No reason to believe it is not working. No entries in router firewall log. If I kill off uTorrent, plenty of splutters from Outpost which is still being hit by incoming requests on [myPort]. Looks ok.)

Windows Firewall OFF, Outpost ON.

In Outpost, I use the following (handcrafted) rules:

1 Allow Outbound UDP (all ports)

2 Allow Outbound TCP (all ports)

3 Allow Inbound UDP to 1024-65535 (*) - this range comprises [myPort]

4 Allow Inbound TCP to [myPort]

5 Block all UDP

6 Block all TCP

Now 5+6 are just for entertainment. They force pop-ups but I never see any (while uTorrent is active). (Outpost processes rules top-to-bottom and bails on first match.) Outbound to DNS, HTTP and HTTPS should all be covered by 1+2.

There's also a couple of global rules, mostly "Allow"s and the "Block"s all produce pop-ups.

There is no indication from Outpost of any security violations. Traffic seems well within the parameters of these rules. And yet...

When I click on the GREEN traffic icon in uTorrent to bring up the Setup Guide and run the Bandwidth test, I get (good Upload speed) and ZERO Download speed (which just confirms why I am seeing zero downspeed on my 1 current active download).

EDIT: Found out why the Speed Test is failing: I set Outgoing Encryption to "forced". It would seem that the corresponding testing server cannot handle that. Hence the failure. I am now seeing good results in the Setup but am still not actually receiving anything on my download. Trying OpenOffice now...

Where, please, am I going wrong?


(*) Is the uTorrent manual up to date on this? I set out to implement 1024-5000 but, boy, I just got hammered with pop-ups on ports > 5000.

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Yeah, set off OpenOffice before I went to bed. Nothing overnight. When I look into my Belkin router's firewall log this morning, I see this stuff:

03/13/2010 08:31:00 **UDP Flood Stop** (from ATM1 Outbound)

03/13/2010 08:31:00 **UDP flood**, 60051->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:59 **UDP flood**, 13887->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:59 **UDP flood**, 12333->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:58 **UDP flood**, 36541->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:58 **UDP flood**, 6881->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:58 **UDP flood**, 24929->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:58 **UDP flood**, 34869->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:58 **UDP flood**, 14998->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:58 **UDP flood**, 10552->>, 22023 (from ATM1 Outbound)

03/13/2010 08:30:58 **UDP flood**, 6881->>, 10552 (from ATM1 Inbound)

10552 is [myPort]. It looks to me as though the router has problems forwarding UDP packets to 10552. It's just that there aren't any corresponding messages from Outpost on All is quiet.

Any idea?

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Darned. (Should really have thought of this to try by myself...) Yes, this appears to remove the road-block. uTorrent now sucking stuff down full pelt. Any idea what's going on? According to port-forwarding instructions (for my Belkin router) navigated to via this site, all that's apparently necessary for manual port forwarding to work is to add one Virtual Server like so:

Description In Port Type Private IP Private Port

uTorrent 10552 TCP&UDP 10552

Seemed simple enough.

I learned most about uTorrent's port requirements from the COMODO section here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=7862. And what intrigues most is COMODO Rule #3:

Action ............ : Allow

Protocol .......... : UDP

Direction ......... : In

Description ....... : Ephemeral Ports [iN] (UDP)

Source Address .... : Any

Destination Address : Any

Source Port ....... : Any

Destination Port .. : (A Port Range) 1024 - 5000

Late yesterday, I added a new rule to Outpost just like so:

2.5 Allow Inbound UDP to [myPort].

Outpost always reports the one rule that applies for any given traffic. Since I moved the new UDP rule on top, I only ever see

Allow Inbound UDP to [myPort]

and never anymore see

3 Allow Inbound UDP to 1024-65535

which used to flash up before all the time. This suggests to me that I only need to open UDP for [myPort] and nothing else. Is this correct? Begs the question, of course, why, given that I had punched a hole for [myPort] into Belkin's firewall, this traffic doesn't pass through. Mind, this latter statement is inaccurate anyway. Belkin DOES appear to have passed on this traffic because I saw the

Allow Inbound UDP to [myPort]

flashing across Outpost even BEFORE I disabled Belkin's firewall.

There's clearly some traffic going on here that I do not understand. Any suggestions?


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Don't worry about the Belkin firewall being off, since it's a retarded pos it doesn't matter anyway, NAT does plenty already to protect you.

I'm pretty sure the Comodo rule is a typo, if you look at the other firewall rules they don't match, and your listening port is the only port a peer should try to contact you (unless you had previously used another port and recently switched).

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Thanks for the confirmation. I've been working on these rules for some time now. I notice that when I lock down inbound UDP to [myPort] only, I do get the odd block for 6771 and 5351. 6771 is some multicast on the LAN according to http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=37962 which seems a bit of a waste of time since there are guaranteed not to be any other peers doing file sharing (so where's the packet even coming from? myself sending to myself?). 5351 is UPnP, I think, and I am little unclear why I get these coming IN. There's also some inbound traffic occasionally on 1900. Not sure what that's all about. So on balance, an inbound UDP rule for ports 1900, 5351-53, 6771 and [myPort] should cover all bases.

Unfortunately, if anything, my problems are getting worse, not better. Any thoughts on this


I have just turned off Outpost (running ONLY Windows) and I turned off the Resident Shield in AVG 9. I have ZERO peers talking to me. Next step, will uninstall AVG. There's no mention on this forum of any incompatibilities but uTorrent is simply not breathing at all.

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