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Making sure settings are saved


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First - thank you for creating this great program.

Second - i have searched the forum and did not found 100% right answer i think

I want to reinstall win, and all i have in my c:\programs\utorrent is utorrent.exe

My hdd is

c - 32 gb - main win (which will now become win/linux)

d - 100 gb

e - 100 gb

f - optical drive

second sata drive through pci controller (1 tb)


all the downloading torrents ,and finished ones are spread throughout all the partitions (except C, which will be formatted), the drive names and all that stays the same

In the program, many torrents are stopped, many are run, many are not at all downloaded (even 0,001%), and i have many labels as well.

in "%AppData%\uTorrent" i have 1795 of torrent files from which i have running like 400-500

and a couple of dat and bad files and help file. Is copying them sufficient for all the backup (I have many labels in the program and so on). Size of the folder is 50 mb, i have downloaded a utility called utbackup, but it probably just copied this folder, i don't know (backup file is 44 mb).

Is that sufficient for proper backup or active torrents, labels, their path etc , so after win reinstall i will install ut and just select 'restore files ' in utbackup or copy the folder? Or will it read ALL the files there. I remember doing it like 2 years ago and i was dissapointed in something, i don't remember with what, i suspect it read ALL the torrent files in the folder and probably asked me where to download them on each file. Now if that would happen, that would be a drag.

Please advice



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