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Queue config, managing downloads and uploads


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Hi all,

My finished downloads are getting stucked at the end of queue, before completing their seeding activity (their average ratio is 0.4), since I have only one active torrent per time due to my band capabilities.

I would like to give seeding a higher priority than it is currently getting, so that finished downloads don´t get thrown to the end of a line which probably won´t be shortening to soon (unless I stop adding new torrents to the queue, which I won´t, they will keep waiting forever)

The queue was originally set up like this:

Max active torrents (ups and downs): 1

Max downs active: 1

Seed while ratio is <= 200%

I'm thinking of changing queue settings to allow having one download and one seed at the same time.

So, I will change my queue to this:

Max active torrents (ups and downs): 2

Max downs active: 1

Seed while ratio is <= 200%

Besides reducing the current active torrent upload capability, is there any other problem is this approach?

My question is still efective, but today I tried to understand a little more what goes on the Queue tab, Options menu, and realized that maybe the "Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks" control maybe does what I tried to do by manually changing queue numbers. Am I right?

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