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SSD + uTor 2.0 = Awful Speeds


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Hope you guys can help - recently setup a Server with 2x80 SSD in Raid0, 12GB Ram, Ubuntu Server 64bit with a GBit connection and have been having an awful time getting it to 'optimal' peformance - its actually worse then when I had my old Raid0 SATA HDDs..

Been reading through numerous posts the last few days scattered around the net and have still not come up with a conclusion to my problems. I've tried both completly disabling Cache Settings, fiddling with 'bt.transp.disposition', 'bt.connect.speed', 'bt.max.halfopen' and numerous other things to no avail.

Note: Using WINE 1.1.40 + latest uTorrent 2.0 for reference.

Below are changes I have made to default settings -

Advanced Settings:

bt.transp_disposition - tried various settings, but stuck with 5

bt.connect_speed - 50-85

net.max_halfopen - 100/150 and even 25000

net.low_cpu - tried on/off

bt.allow_same_up - on

Cache Settings:

Tried a number of combination here but 2 main ones were - ALL UNCHECKED (writing straight to HDDs, figured this would be fine with 12GB Ram and SSD) and ALL CHECKED bar last 3 - various custom cache sizes; 768, 900 and 1024+.


Other settings are customized but to long to go into detail, but nothing outside of the above categories would have much effect - download/upload speeds are unlimited (tried limiting download speed to 20mb/s which helped push upload speed up abit), global connections are 1000, upload slots are 150+ etc

Ideas would be greatly appreicated!

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Doing some futher testing - using 'Pre-Allocation' and moving 'bt.transp.disposition' to 5 has helped slightly - but speeds are just on par for my old SSD drives..

Issue I'm seeing is speeds reach upward of 50mb/s and continually jumping between like 20-50mb/s constantly moving so there is not constant speed being held.

Thoughts/Suggestions oh mighty uTorrent team....

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