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Slow DL's possibly a port problem


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I am new to utorrent so plz forgive dumb questions.

Checked my speeds @ Glasnost.com and got 800+kb/s dl and 700+ kb/s ul speeds.

No ISP throttling and no other problems.

My dl speed when using utorrent will not go over 120 kb/s

I think it might be a port issue. I have opened the port on my router/modem (2wire 2701hg-d, Qwest) and allowed it through Windows firewall. When I check it with PFPortchecker it shows open but when I run the tests in Setup Guide it comes back with msg "Port not open(you can still download) and shows a yellow check mark with an asterisk. (speed check=681 kb/s ul & 1.3 Mbit/s dl)

Running utorrent 2.0, Windows Vista(unfortunately)

changed advanced settings to false as suggested and disabled Bandwidth Management

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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"My dl speed when using utorrent will not go over 120 kb/s

(speed check=681 kb/s ul & 1.3 Mbit/s dl)"

I don't understand the problem.

uTorrent's download and upload speeds (outside of the bandwidth used to set it in Speed Guide CTRL+G) is in KiloBYTE/second.

Your line's just bloody slow going by the speed check. :(

Is it supposed to be that slow?

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That's the problem. I have no idea. When I ran the test @ Glasnost.com (recommended in the fourm) it said I had a DL speed of 800+ kb/s. As you said the speed check in Utorrent is much slower. Are these different measurements and I'm just confused. Or is my speed through Utorrent slower because it show my port is not open?

As I said I'm new to this plus I'm kind of technologically challenged! So everything could be fine and I am just misinterpretting the information. Getting the message "your port is not open.(but you can still download)" seems to me like I have some problem but maybe not.

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