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Seeding does not stop at specified %


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I have found that for sometime now, I can't really say when it started, my µTorrent seems like it won't stop seeding no matter what setting I use. I want it to stop seeding when it reaches 150%, or when it's been there for 2 days.

Here is a screenshot


As you can see, its up to ±194% now, and been there for 36 hours.

Isn't it supposed to stop when it reaches one or the other? It clearly says "OR" in the settings.

What am I doing wrong?



I'm running Win7 Home Premium, 64bit and µTorrent build 18488

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Thanks for the reply, I've just removed the maximum time and it switched to completed

Maybe someone should clear this up in the settings window, just by adding something that says

"Ratio will only be verified once the time limit has been reached"

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