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2.0 - disconnect of all tcp connections every 5 minutes


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I have a problem similar to http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=69522

While uTorrent 2.0 is running, all connections where cut after some minutes. Even http and sntp are not able to reach anything outside my lan. After approx. 10 minutes the system seems to recover itself and all previous connections as well as http connectivity work fine again....for 5 minutes.

That symptoms occur again and again.

With uT 1.8.5 I have absolutely no problems.

Btw....I'm using WinXP with internal firewall.

uTorrent.exe is set as exception, which means it is allowed to do whatever it wants.



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Well, if the old version works fine...with high performance, without any interruptions...I use the old version.

In 20 years I have never seen a situation, where the complete network config of a system has to be redone after upgrading one single tool. So I'm going to check the next releases time to time and wait for one that will work with my sys.

It seems to me that uT 1.8.5 ist the perfect tool for me...Especially regarding all the complaints here about speed and stability in 2.x. There's not such an amount of issues with 1.8.5.

Thanks anyway. I'm glad such a nice tool exists. :-)


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