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No more queued seeds is nice, but will these settings explode?

Pixel Eater

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Opening uTorrent, it starts out with almost nothing but queued seeds. It occurs to me the number that controls this is the maximum number of active torrents (upload or download). If that number is 30, uTorrent will open up with 30 torrents running. Then, if it discovers no activity within those 30, a few minutes later it will unqueue another 30. Finds one with peers, then it looks through 29 more. This will go on for hours. Hours of random, but I have to think unnecessary inactivity for torrents I enjoy keeping available.

Let's say I have 2000 torrents, but really only 15 of them are the big, annoyingly leechy public tracker kind. Let's say to keep them from dominating, I limit their bandwidth to 25 kB/s. The rest are private tracker types and out of a whole 1985 torrents, only 10 people in the world are likely to have found and begun leeching any of these. So, low activity. That's private trackers, and it's a beautiful thing.

My goal is to reduce the time it takes me to open uTorrent and begin offering those 10 people their obscure torrents from 5 hours to less than 1. Of course I don't want to compromise the quality of my FiOS connection for me or them. I want to seed well and abundantly. So I am asking you guys to criticize my idea. Here are barely modified settings from what Switeck helped come up with.

18.35 Mbit/s


Max upload rate 2240

Global max no. connections 900

Maximum no. connected peers per tor 30

Number of upload slots per tor 10


Max no. active torrents up/down 30

Max no. active downloads 10

So, what if I crank max active up to 50? Or 3000? Does it really matter since I'm exercising caution and limiting major torrent activity? After all, its taking uTorrent 5 hours to reach the same point: no queued seeds. Of course it will queue up if it can ever find over 30 active torrents. That rarely happens. I'm usually not bombarded with too many peers. If I am, my network is well configured to cope. So if I raise this number, will uTorrent blow up? Will I seed poorly for some reason? It's all about availability. There are never really 2000 torrents uploading simultaneously. More like ~25.

Please criticize or suggest alternate solutions. Thanks for reading, and for all the support these forums have offered.

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