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Limiting *download* speed severely cripples upload speed


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A single file torrent is 50% complete, downloading at 800 kB/s, uploading at 100 kB/s. To keep the ratio in line, I limit the DL speed to 25 kB/s, & the UL speed instant drops to 0.x kB/s. From there, it fluctuates between 0.x ~ 10 kB/s, mostly staying at < 5 kB/s. This isn't an isolated incident; happens every time.

Any way to fix this?

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Scheduler, seed only mode for all your torrents.

Or set that one torrent's files to "don't download" in the FILES window/tab.

(Just remember to change them back later.)

Another thing you could try is reducing max connections per torrent to only 30 or so.

Or set that individual torrent's max download instead of setting global download max.

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Thanks for your reply, Switeck. I apologize, I should have been more specific.

It's the individual torrent's DL limit that I'm adjusting, not the global. Also, I already tried setting my MCPT to 30, & even lower, but it didn't help.

I was aware of the scheduler & don't download workarounds. What I'm wondering is whether there is some advanced setting or other fix to keep limiting the DL speed on an individual torrent from killing the UL speed.

If not, is it supposed to work this way? Considering that there's an option to limit UL speed as well, it doesn't seem like the UL should be automatically affected by limiting the DL, yet that's exactly what appears to be happening. Is it a bug?

I should note that this isn't new to 2.0. It's always been this way.

Edit: I should also note that "don't download" is only a partial workaround, because as soon as it finishes up the hash, & moves to completed, the UL speed drops to about 50-70% of what it was, & stays in that range, even though I have "Seeding tasks have higher priority......" checked in Queueing (not to mention this being the only torrent running, for test purposes). And as soon as I set it back to download, the UL speed jumps right back up.

Does no one else have this problem? Or at least notice this occurring?

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