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DHT is "working" but never any seeds or peers?


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This is a bit of a long shot, but I'll ask anyway:

I have a rather unique situation whereby I'm using Internet Sharing from my Mac to my Windows PC. I'll have to point out that uTorrent on PC has properly forwarded ports on my router (and Mac) and it reports that the network connection is fine (with the green tick). I am no novice at port forwarding.

Whilst I can download torrents fine at full speed and everything works over regular trackers, the only problem I have is that DHT (on PC) doesn't appear to be working even though the torrent status says it is, in other words I always have 0 seeders or peers over DHT.

I asked a friend to load up the same torrent as I have and he reports there being hundreds of seeders/peers on DHT so I know it's not the torrent. I've tested a good dozen or so torrents from different sources and they all report DHT with 0 seeds or peers.

I've also loaded up a torrent in Transmission on the Mac and can see seeds/peers on DHT where as the same torrent on PC has 0. So I can only deduce that the Internet Sharing that I'm using is doing something to stop DHT on my PC.

Does DHT use a different port to the standard listening port? I've googled and I'm pretty sure the answer is "no", but I can't see any other reason than unforwarded ports - which isn't the case as other than DHT not getting any seeds/peers, it's still reported as "working" and I can connect to trackers. Does anyone know of a reason for this phenomenon?

Apologies for the long post, but I thought I'd give a detailed description of the problem. Thanks for any help.

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