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Wrong files downloading


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I'm getting some sort of weird cross-linking problem with my downloads.

Almost whatever I try to download on uTorrent, I instead download the currently playing section of a movie stream. Yesterday I kept downloading parts of what I think to be Anchorman, and today it's some other story.

I am NOT trying to download these movies. What I'm trying to download is totally unrelated.

And furthermore I have never downloaded these movies.

I've tried downloading files from various different trackers, and still I end up downloading the same thing. It's as if uTorrent (or something else) is forcing me to download from one specific source, regardless of the .torrent url I supply.

Has anybody had this problem, or offer any suggestions?

I have been using uTorrent 2.0 (build 18488), but I'm now trynig Vuze to see if it works for me.

Update: ok, I think I might have figured this out myself. I have Anchorman on my computer elsewhere that has been copied from a tmp folder. I was checking on the .avi download before it finished and VLC was seeing old-data stored in that location. So uTorrent isn't zeroing out the bytes when it creates the file before downloading.

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Well you can't do much if the torrent says one thing and the actually file is another. That does happen where the torrents name isn't what is downloaded. You just have to find a more reliable torrent that is what is says it is. That is all you can do.

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I'm having the same issue and it is NOT the torrent. I downloaded halite a x64 client for windows and used it to download a series of torrents that I was having problems with, torrent claiming to be one file but utorrent was downloading completely different files.

Halaite downloads the torrent correctly same file as claimed by torrent, utorrent downloads some random file? Tried clean installs, change caches etc. haven't found the cause yet?

Also utorrent chose a different file each time you delete the download, although it does seem to choose from 3/4 that will it will cycle through as you delete & restart?

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