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Up speed nonexistant ratio 0 but transfer cap upload speed is changing


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I'm wondering what's going on, and I apologize in advance for being a noob. Only recently the torrents haven't been seeding. The up speed is blank, estimated time is infinite, ratio is 0, but the arrow of the torrent is green. However, it's been put into the "inactive" category. I also noticed the transfer cap section of preferences shows that my upload amount is increasing. Why would that be increasing if I can't get anything to seed? I tried to check portforward.com's section on my router, ip, port, all of that, as well as running the setup guide tests, which both had green check marks. Can anyone please help? I also checked a few other torrents - uploading only works while I'm still downloading. Once the download is finished it goes back to not seeding, or every once in a while "0.1kB/s" briefly pops up and then goes away again.

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