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utorrent stops downloading


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Could someone please help me?

I've been having trouble with my utorrent 2.0.

System info: acer laptop

windows vista

utorrent 2.0

avg 8.5

Belkin N Router and mts modem (on main computer)

o.k i had trouble with my port forwarding, went through my Belkin N Router and fixed my port forwarding. I have both green checks in the utorrent setup guide test. I also went through my firewall on my laptop computer and switched off my firewall for utorrent only. Now, i can start downloading a torrent and it will work for maybe 1 to 2 minutes and then it will stop downloading and disconnect my internet connection. the only way i get my internet back is if i reset (unplug) both router and modem. also the 'randomize port each start'.... is unchecked. I only try to download 2 torrents at a time. i thought that if i turned the firewall off on the router that it/someone would "bug" all of my computers, so i didn't do that.

*the thing is that maybe a month ago it was working fine i could download anything and everything and then all of a sudden it stopped and kept kicking me off the internet (only my laptop)* I didn't do anything different until it started doing this [ie. i didn't do anything to the Belkin N Router and mts modem (on main computer) or firewall to cause this]. I also reinstalled utorrent to see if that would fix the problem and no of course. i also did all of the suggestions in the "µTorrent Connection Setup Guide". ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE HELPFUL. Thanks!

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I tried downloading two torrent files yesterday, and then a message appeared saying "can't find the path".

Then they did download after deleting the original torrents and redownloading. All seemed OK. This morning the downloaded files are in C drive but the torrent files are zero.

I am going round in circles. Any suggestions appreciated.

In the meanwhile I'm trying to find out how to configure the Utorrent options directories incase I screwed up..

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