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Comodo Firewall 4 port forwarding


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I have defined Utorrent as "trusted application", however when testing my port (58960) using several sites (http://www.utorrent.com:16000/testport?port=58960, http://www.ping.eu) it says my port is closed.

However if I disable my Firewall these sites will say my port is open. But how could it be? Utorrent is defined as "trusted application" hence ALL incoming/outgoing requests are allowed.

Any ideas?

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But I have tried multiple sites. How do you allow a website in Comodo?

Oh by the way, running network tests in uTorrent setup guide indicate that the port is open. So this is all very weird.

Edit: To sum it up,

Utorrent's network test indicates that port is open. Utorrent port checker indicates that port is not (Firewall to safe mode), and that port is (Firewall to disabled).

Utorrent is defined as "trusted application", and so is firefox.

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You should ask Comodo boards, maybe they can answer you about special rules to add in your firewall. Honestly I think Comodo is blocking something when the website is trying to test the port you have forwarded in µT.

Anyway if you got the green circle for the network icon, your port is open and the porforwarding rules in Comodo are OK.

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I used to use COMODO for some time. I think it is a fine firewall. (I had to remove COMODO because of a bug in their s/w that only manifested itself in certain conditions, which were somehow met on my m/c :() I have never quite worked out what Trusted Application really stood for but it is not at all a free-for-all. I do not think it is nearly as generous to incoming connections as you think it is. Try to use "Trusted Application" as little as possible. Use custom rules instead. Here's all you need for uTorrent:

(1) Allow Outbound UDP&TCP, any destination (and port), any source (and port)

(2) Allow Inbound UDP to 1900, 5351-5353, 6771, [myPort]

(3) Allow Inbound TCP to [myPort]

(4) Block (and log) any IP, any source, any destination

That's all. [myPort] is what you see in uTorrent/Options/Preference/Connection - do not randomize that.

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