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Constant download, upload drop rate ~30%...


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Ok, this is a bit difficult to explain. I tried literally everything in order to make this right, obviously there is some kind of problem i cannot solve.

Just for the record i tried all of your guides and tested my speed on speedtest.net, my results are always for DL ~960kb/s, and UP ~60 kb/s.

I have the most rescent version of Utorrent, WinXP, cable ISP, browsing is ok, BUT, in last two weeks, when i am DL-ing torrents in full speed (890-960kb/s) upload drops to 10-20 kb/s, then when my DL is finished and i am just seedeing there is CONSTANT download ??? in range of 2-4 kb/s although i AM NOT DL-in anything and upload is dropping to 35-40 kb/s, i am member of very serious torrent site, and i am good seeder, but this is just killing my ratio...

Please, tell me what to do, something is very wrong.

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