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Problem: Slow speed of the new versions


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Hello µTorrent!

When I update to a new version my Upload speed is slow like 1.1MB/s. Generally I upload/seed with 6.7MB/s of version 1.8.2. That's why I am stuck on this version but actually i want to update to the new version. I get and more slower speed than 1.1MB like 200kb or 600kb/s. I read many topics and made some changes in Options/Advanced but noting... Before or actually to version 1.8.2. i had constant Upload Speed from 6.5MB to 6.9 or 7MB. What's wrong with the new versions? Or is the problem in me? I'm running Windows 7 x64. I don't think is from the OS because that were and on Windows XP x32. Please help! I'll be grateful if someone do it.




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