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Post Your Record Download Speed


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[Click for full window - 1472x1216]

It took some time to connect to all those seeds, so it might have made it to 2 MB/s (my cap) but I had a bunch of other torrents on so it took too long to climb. This is my 15/2 mbit connection from FiOS.

Getting the 30/2 optimum in 2 months also...so if it works out well hopefully I'll be goin even quicker.

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I mostly use 2 local trackers, and as they are local it's allmost LAN. The speed limit is basicaly my HDD speed. The max I've reached is over 6MB/s, but usually I cap it at ~500KB/s, cause I'm not in a hurry and this way my box is not slowing down very much.

On the "real" Internet I just tried OO.o and I got about 900KB/s max.

btw, I've noticed that on torrents with very high speeds (over 2MB/s) BC is a bit faster, but with µT and prio_rear my box acts like a "middle man" and my ratio hits the sky. Especialy on very fresh torrents with only one seeder.

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I just got 1.5 and after an hour or so, the slow azz torrent that i've been waiting 2 weeks for hit an all time high, for it and for my cpu. 410 kB/s. Not as fast as most but respectable just the same for the amount of seeders. BTW it dropped back to its average of like 25-30kB/s. But the new version is definatly better than 1.4 cuz as i type this it has gone back to 163 kB/s.

Ludde, i think thats your name, your a god damn genious. This program amazes me with every build! Keep up the good work!!

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