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i'm out of ressources ???????


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Ok here is the topo! last night i finaly manage to open a port in my firewall rooter. I configured my anti virus to let urorrent been bypass, and i did the same with my widows firewall!!!!lol!!!! I'm not very used to these thing so it took me over a week to manage all of that(dumb)ask me anithing in this forum speed problem and i probably know what to do whitout even looking at it anymore. I was sure all my problem were fixed because last night i was downloading a torrent arround 400 to 600 kb/s, let me tell you i was in heaven, i had 268 seeds and 89 peers

i closed my computer before the download was finnished. today i try to finnisf the same torrent, i didn"t touch one thing at all just like last night i"m downloading just the one torrent i have at the moment 216 seeds and 74 peers.

the most download speed i got is 28.5 kb/s?????? i runnned the setup guide again the port is still open i"m the only one using this internet connection, can someone please try to help i'm out of ressources

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