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Question about torrent.


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Hi guys,

im just a new user of torrent program.

and i just wanna ask and make sure about some stuff.

For example i am downloading a 1.84gb file. And i have a job so i only have a couple of mins per day to download.

Would i be able to pause it. turn the laptop on. and then after while ill log on again and resume the download? and wont have any problems with it? like a corrupt file or something?

any help would really be appreciated :) thanks so much in advanced guys :)

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Yes use the Stop button. It doesn't cancel the download. It just stops the download (for now). You can even close µtorrent or Shut Down windows and start µTorrent another time and it'll continue all the torrents exactly where they left off before without any loss of data.

The pause button is only if you want to pause a download for a few minutes and don't want to lose the current connection to the other peers (=people you are downloading from) you have.

Corruption might occur when you for example End the µTorrent Task or Kill the utorrent.exe process using the Task Manager. Or when you force the machine power off instead of properly Shutting Down Windows.

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