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the same story about 2.0


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i had version 1.8.5 running before i decided to install 2.0 after the constant notifications about the new update.

my download speed went from 60kB/s to 1kB/s.

i restarted utorrent, made some changes as suggested in the 1st sticky thread, downloaded openoffice and let it run for almost half hour. no difference. i didn't bother with the router settings because i had set it up already in the past.

i've gone back to using version 1.8.5. everything's coming up roses again.

i'm sure every updated version is designed to improve on the previous one, and i applaud the developers for their work. i am not familiar with the utp stuff being talked about and maybe i'm not contributing by using the latest version, following through all the steps and sending feedback to the developers, but as a normal user i can only say that having to do all this only takes it a step backwards.

i think utorrent is great (it's the only one i use), but i'll only update it to a newer version when it works on it's own. just my two cents worth :-)

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