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Overhead problem


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Hi guys,

I've just updated

uTorrent 1.8.4 Build 16688 -> uTorrent 2.0 Build 18620

and the first thing I noticed is the huge increase in overhead. My internet connection is 4mbps(512kb/s) down / 1,5mbps(192kb/s) up.

With the older version I used to set the upload to 150kb/s and it always stayed on that speed with overall upload speed at around 180-185kb/s shown by DU Meter (which is 30-35kb/s of overhead). And now when I set UL speed to 150kb/s my upload hardly goes over 130kb/s with DU Meter reporting my upload maxed out at 190kb/s.

When updating the program I completely un-installed last uTorrent with all the settings and such, because I have made screenshots of the program's settings so I could set up the latest version the same way. Actually, with the latter version I had DHT turned on and I turned it off now and still my overhead has close to doubled.

Any ideas? :/

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