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Force file re-check?


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It would be great to be able to manually force a re-check of files in a torrent. I used to love that feature in Windows where I would have a partial download from a torrent and the later (after a reinstall for example), I would re-download the same torrent but copy the partial download over the files and then when choosing "force-recheck" from the context menu it would see my previously downloaded files as 100%.

Under Mac I have to first copy the files, then choose to download in the same location (maybe also close and re-open uTorrent) to achieve the same result.

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Hey NoOneButMe and thanks for the reply. However, I have version 0.9.2 for Mac and I don't see a "force re-check" option anywhere. If I remove my external drive and start uTorrent without it, the download folder changes to the default one and any attempt to restart the torrents after I change it back fails.

I looked through menus and context menus and I found no option to tell uTorrent to scan my files again.

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