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new torrent doesn't start


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My Os is Windows 7 family premium, the problematic version of utorrent are 2.0.18488 or 2.0.1 beta 18408.

When i set il in sleep mode and wake it all the torrent are on stop mode and when i download a new torrent, the files doesn't start, I 'm impose to use force start.

The preferences doesn't change.

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-- Connection speed D: -0 U: 60

-- Router make and model, firmware version if you can find it: Neuf box (nat ok)

-- TCP/IP patch no

-- firewalls: Windows 7 firewall (utorrent authorized)

-- Antivirus software: antivir free (no changes in the last 6 month)

-- 70 go of empty place on the DD, empty place on the Swap disk too.

The torrents are paused, the option start are in gray, with the right button of the mouse when I try start (forced start / start = paused)

Ps I think the new version of utorrent start with the file wich are finish on the download or upload plot, and after the current files .

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