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Strange speed problem


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first thing to say is that I'm from Germany, so you have to excuse my english.

Since a few days I encounter a strange speed problem with uTorrent 1.8.5 and 2.0.

When I add a Torrent and start the Download, the Download-Speed for the single Download

is OK (100 kB/s), but when I add other Torrents and start to download them parallel, the Download-Speed drops for all Torrents down till 0,1 kB/s.

I worked fine a few day before( The Download Speed was at 30 - 40 kB/s for every Torrent) and I did not change any settings in uTorrent.

After the problem appeared I've tried a few things like setting bt.tcp_rate_control to FALSE, and bt.trans_dispositon = 5 or Disabling Bandwith Management, but nothing seems to work.

Like I´d said, it works fine until now, and I could not find any errors so I´d like to ask if somebody here can help me.

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So 137 Views in 2 Days but no answer ?

Fine, I got the solution for the problem by myself:

First I had to uninstall uTorrent and remove all the entrys in the Windows Registry.

After that, I installed uTorrent, Version 1.8.5, set the right Connection-Speed and the Port who was forwarded by my Router, and it worked fine - I think the Download-Speed is now slightly higher when before.

So no Bandwidth Management disabling or else, just a new Installation of uTorrent

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