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I notice under the General tab where it lists seeds and peers it says X of Z connected (Y in swarm) with X>Z>Y. Why can I not connect to all the seed/peers?

Also, I know I have my connections limited to less than the seed/peers total, but I have 7 peers and 0 seeds (7 is my limit). I realize that the tracker only tells how many seed/peers, not whos who. Is there anyway I can disconnect from peers and connect to seeds or does that violate the rules of sharing?

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X of Y connected (Z) in swarm:

X = number connected to you

Z = number reported by the tracker

Y I'm not sure about. Maybe the number µTorrent will try to connect to? Not sure how it determines this though.

As for disconnecting from peers, you can do this in other clients by kickbanning, but it's not in µTorrent for exactly that reason. There should be no need to, and yes it does violate the rules of sharing.

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