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Manage TOTAL upload/download ratio


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I really like the ability to specify a target share ratio on a per-torrent basis.

I find myself doing a lot of managing of my torrent queue in order to maintain the Total Ratio (Help..Show Statistics).

It would be really cool if uTorrent did this on its own. That is, adjust it upload/download priorities to achieve a specified target Total Ratio range.

For me, the simplest way to do this manually is to enable or disable the option "Queuing..Seeding Tasks Have Higher Priority Than Downloading Tasks." For example, I enable it when the Total Ratio falls below 1.3, and I disable it when the Total Ratio reaches 2.0.

I think this would be especially useful for the people (like me) who have unequal maximum upload and download speeds on their network connections.

A related suggestion:

As time goes on, and my total upload and download numbers increase, the Total Ratio "moves" more and more slowly. This is especially unpleasant when I am trying to get my Total Ratio back to it's high mark.

I am wondering whether it would be useful to compute a number that is like the Total Ratio except that it is a moving average or a weighted moving average. More recent activity would have a greater bearing on the average.

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