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Multiple Instances Utorrent 2.0


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Rename the latest file to webui.zip. You do not need to install µTorrent, and shouldn't if you're going to have multiple instances running.

Lord Alderaan's WebUI Shell is optional, but if you're interested in it, read the instructions in his thread and on the wiki. I'm not familiar enough with WebUI Shell to be able to give you any guidance on it.

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i download: utorrent-webui.2010031621404672.rar and rename to webui.zip


sorry, tnx


I followed this guide:


when I type

gives me this error:

Configuration error: cURL extension not available.



If I give you the information you could configure my server?

could also use teamviwer?

want money?


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You need to enable cURL in php.

To enable the curl extension find the "extension=php_curl.dll" line (in php.ini) and make sure it has no # in front of it. If you use windows copy libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll in the PHP install folder to %windir%\system32 and overwrite if applicable. http://www.php.net/manual/en/curl.installation.php

Source: http://trac.utorrent.com/trac/wiki/Webui-Shell#PHP

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