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Woot Utorrent delivers again(speed prob fixed)


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Ive been suffering horrid speeds, mind you im on a 3g 7.2mbit modem. I used to be able to crank out 300->400kb/sec, and was happy with that. Since win 7 64bit install ive been at 10kb/sec. Been messing with portforwarding thinkin that was the problem. My knowledge of theese things are limited at best. After reading a post from a Vista 64bit user pointing out a restriction concering something called "halfopen connections" i checked the beta changelog, and it named that it fixed this prob on win 7. So i installed beta and can happily report im back to my modest 300kb/sec :-)

Thanks for adressing this in the beta guys.

Edit; Seems i got to carried away. The next time i started uTorrent, the problem was back. After trying to get speeds up for a few hours with patchers, portforwarding etc. I decided to see if it was my antivirus, even though i manually set it to alowe utorrent. I uninstalled Avast, and installed a demo of Norton Antivirus. I can now happily say that my speeds are back to normal.

Hope it stays that way now.

(Ps: This post is for that small chance that someone else is going though the same)

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