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cannot remove torrents


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Hi, I'm a Newbie

I have searched for a week for an answer to my problem, but was unable to find one.

I have Utorrent 1.8.5 on my PC running Windows XP. Utorrent has worked well for a very long time but...Utorrrnet downloaded a newer version and I've been having a few problems ever since. I restored the computer to a date before the download.This fixed all the problems but one. I can download and use dowloads normally from my files but when I try to remove a torrent, either with the right click button or the RED X, I get asked if I am sure I want to remove the torrnet. I click yes and the box disappears but the torrent stays. As you may guess they are adding up. . I tried to Uninstall Utorrent so I could re-install it but it I am unable to uninstall it. I am running PCTools as my security and UTorrent is in the fully allowed category. I have tried to check for updates without success.

What am I doing wrong or missing?


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