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Bizarre speed issues


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Hi. I just registered to see if I could get any advice with this problem, it's been happening for a few months now but is particularly bad on a large file I've been downloading recently.

Essentially what happens is that my Upload speed drops/climbs every few seconds, and due to the way Utorrent makes Download speeds drop when Uploads are low it means it totally bones my Download speed at the same time.

The strange part is that if I put my Uploads on unlimited (speed), my uploads actually drop to almost about 1kb/s instead.

If I instead put my Uploads on 10kb/s, it can reach that, even getting up to about 15kb/s, but still flickers up and down about every 5-10 seconds from about 10-15kb/s to 1-2kb/s, which cripples both my uploads and downloads.

Here's an image of my speed graph when uploads are on unlimited. When uploads are instead limited to 10-15 it is similar but less of an extreme and both uploads/downloads reach a bit higher. They're still totally inadequate for actually getting anything of a reasonable size though.


I'm on Windows XP (all latest updates), have 1500/256 connection with TPG (Australia), who to my knowledge do not limit torrents. As you can see in the image my ports are forwarded correctly, I've extensively fiddled with all the Utorrent settings to try improvements (including using some of the guides on this site), all to no avail.

I have also tried disabling all of my anti virus programs and windows firewall, neither of which helped.

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