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2.0 - Torrents with nested folder levels


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I've found strange uTorrent behavior in some case.

I have in settings next options:

Put new downloads in: D:\Folder1

Move completed downloads in: D:\Folder2

Some torrent files contain redundant folders. For example: torrent file A created from FolderA, which contain only FolderB, which contain file.ext. I don't need useless FolderA and set in uTorrent's "Add torrent" dialog save torrent A as D:\Folder1\FolderB, rejecting FolderA level.

When torrent A completed, strange thing happens. uTorrent moves ALL content in D:\Folder2 into D:\Folder1\FolderA, including other unfinished downloads (B for example). When unfinished download B complete, uTorrent creates second copy of it in D:\Folder2, both incomplete.

Sorry for bad English.

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