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uTorrent causing keyboard problems??


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I installed utorrent on my dell inspiron 1525 laptop over a year ago when i was trying to fix a problem. i no longer even remember what the problem was. i DO remember that i gave up shortly after installing uTorrent, because i was completely confused, and consequently the program has sat unused on my system ever since.

a few months ago i started having problems with my keyboard. when typing, the cursor will suddenly jump to a different position on another line and continue typing, or sometimes my window suddenly closes, or any number of other things occur.

i took my computer into the geek squad at best buy since it's still under warranty, and they're telling me that the problem is being caused by uTorrent. first one geek told me i had gotten a virus while using uTorrent, then, when i told a 2nd geek that i had never used the program, he told me that the very fact that i had downloaded it made me vulnerable to viruses. also that i must have overridden 'trend micro' (the virus-checking software that they had sold me).

interestingly, when i do a search on dell keyboard issues, i find the EXACT problems being experienced by other purchasers, which tends to make best buy's explanation somewhat doubtful, at least as to uTorrent being the cause of these problems.

i'm writing to you to see if there is any way you can see that uTorrent could in fact be guilty of the issues best buy is accusing you of, or if you think that they are trying to baffle me with bulls**t in an attempt to deny responsibility and refuse to honor their warranty.

any info you can provide will be helpful. as you can no doubt tell, i am a total neophyte when it comes to hardware, software, and bugs. nevertheless, based on my 'research', it appears much more likely that dell is at fault, and i would love to have some substantiation to back up my accusation.

thank you in advance,


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