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Problems with spped on router......


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I and my roommates use a router to divide the internet connection in our PC's

The problem is, that whenever one of my roommate turns on his torrent downloading....all the speed goes to him...and we dont get any speed in our utorrents

This happens only with one PC in our room

If that PC is shutdown and others start utorrent......then it divides the speed equally

Has this problem something to do with router or what???

Please help me out guys.....

I need help

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There is a program I forgot that will limit computer mac or IP to bandwidth usage. But I don't recall the name right off hand I have to go and find the book again. Also since you gave no specs on your Router it's hard to know if your router has bandwidth management but I am guessing it does and from there you can locate with mac or ip your friend is using and dictate how much bandwidth each computer has. But remember to change your password so your leeching friend won't change the settings back to default. You should read your router manuals as this is something include in most if not all routers. But you can also do a internet search for such program that limits bandwidth usage as well.

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