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Local Peer Discovery question.


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I have 2 questions that would be grateful if answered but first take a look at this picture:



See I've used Local Peer Discovery once more between 2 laptops that were both connected to the same router and well it work pretty great and configured everything automatically and there was of course only 1 peer/seed.Now however I'm not connected to a network of any sort (except my router) and i get 23 peers from Lpd?Which takes us to the first (double) question:

-Who are those people?Is it a bug?

...Which takes us to the second question:

-If i disable LPD will my speed increase?That is a more general question basically and i wanna know if it also applies to Dht which only gives me 73 seeds but adds 522 peers and peer exchange which again adds many peers and only a few seeds compared to what the trackers report.

Thank you in advance,mhtsos.

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