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Maximum connections not being respected


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Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can explain this to me, for some reason, utorrent doesn't want to connect to any more than about 100 seeds and 100 peers, sometimes these reach up to 110 or 120. There are definately more than that available to connect to and there is bandwidth available, so why won't it do it?

Does anyone know how uTorrent decides how many peers/seeds its going to connect to? I think it should keep connecting until the specified limit is reached or there are not enough pieces left.

I have set my maximum connections much higher (both global and per torrent)

I have hardware and an ISP which can handle significantly more connections (commercial grade Cisco equipment, installed and managed by myself)

If I add another torrent, it will also reach these limits.

If I add 5 torrents, then each of these will reach ~100 peers & seeds, this makes a total of 1000 connections and it will be starting to use all available bandwidth. So WHY can't it do it for just one torrent?

Other torrent software will do it - When I used to use bitcomet and set it to use 1000 connections, then it just keeps connecting to seeds/peers until it reaches 1000 and of course this results in higher speeds. Bitcomet has other downfalls though.

Perhaps someone could explain the process it uses to decide how many seeds/peers it connects to. I think that users such as myself should have the ability to this.




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Thankyou for your reply.

I was wondering if anyone knows how uTorrent decides how many connections to use?

Those recommendations in your link are not aimed at achieving the maximum speed. Those recommendations severely limit your speed if you have the correct hardware. If you have a D-Link router, they are probably ok.

If you don't believe me, then go and buy a real cisco router, then increase the max connections per torrent and watch the enormous increase in connections and speed.

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I was wondering if anyone knows how uTorrent decides how many connections to use?

I may be way out of line here, but :-

(1) There's your global connection limit (that you mentioned); and

(2) You configure a max number of peers per torrent. Now, each peer requires 1 connection. So you should find that the most connections you will use is approx #[torrents seeded] x #[peer per torrent].

How much you will actively seed will be a function of queue.slow_ul_threshold (but it doesn't really make sense to lower this much).

D/l speed is to some extent affected by u/l speed, if the latter is throttled somehow, since the protocol generates a fair amount of up traffic on fast downloads.

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