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Not connecting to peers


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Kind of odd. Usually I never have problems... but today I am downloading a torrent...

Torrent has 16 seeders and like 290 peers. I am downloading from 11 seed and 0 from peers... It occasionally tries to connect to a peer but never actually does.. Have global connections set to 999.

I am getting about 400kb down... I have 20mb down for cable package on Windows 7 x64 so I dont need to patch tcpip. Have dd-wrt router wit port forwarding and upnp set.

I reset my router awhile back and forgot to redo this so I did today.


I have tried the stable and latest version of the beta.

Set bt.trans.disposition thing at 31, and 5... and of course 15....


Also I have the windows firewall turned off. Was on hamachi and turned off the tunneling service. Nothing helps.

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