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DHT waiting to log on issue.


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Hello and sorry if this is an obvious one but I am not much of a computer person and I am having an issue with uTorrent since I updated to the 2.0 version earlier this week.

For some reason I can not figure out how or why it will not log on to what ever it is supposed to be logging onto. The speed test function works fine but I just keep getting the red bar and 0 peers in the General tab for what common torrents I try to download.

Did I change something by accident during the update or is there a problem some place else?

Thanks and please keep it simple I honestly do not understand most of the technical terms and abbreviations used here or what they relate to. Point and click is about my limit of technical ability.

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Yes I already used the FAQ and the Search functions. I found nothing in either that give any accurate explanations to what is happening or why it is happening or how to fix or troubleshoot my issue which is why I chose to post a question about it.

I have used uTorrent off and on for some time with out any problems of any kind until this last update.

I am just looking for answers that actually work or lead some place.

In the General tab I have this,

Availability is red and at 0.000

Seeds are 0 and Peers says 0 of 1 connected.

Under the Trackers tab I have this.

DHT --- Waiting to anounce...

Local Peer discovery --- Working

Peer Exchange --- Working

http://tracker,openbittorrent.com/announce --- Connection closed by peer

http://publicbt.com/announce --- offline (timed out)

http://openbittorrent.com:80/announce --- Connection timed out

http://publicbt.com:80/announce --- Connection timed out

All of these either say updating or are just doing some time countdown.

In the Peers tab I have nothing and that is normally loaded with many peers that are cycling through at any time.

I am simply finding it very hard to believe that everyone else in the world all stopped sharing the popular and common shows and went off line all at once in the same time frame that I did the 2.0 update.

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My apologies. I am rather used to a bit more text and tend to overlook things at times that just appear to be part of the general back ground linking noise associated with forums.

Thank you for the clarification.

Edit Addition.

I have been though all of the suggested actions in that link and I still cannot get anything to download from there or anyplace else.

However my old MP3 Rocket down loader still works just fine. Perhaps I will be going back to them again when I am looking for a show or movie.

Thanks anyway.

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